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The workhorse of my act - I have always loved Ovation guitars and this has become a worthy friend over the years!

The thinline body is more forgiving on my stomach than the Legend listed below...

I added the pink 'bits' to make it look prettier... and on a practical note - to eliminate feedback.

HARMONY Mandolin

Used more on recordings than live.

Bought as a leaving present when I threw in the towel on normal employment!!

Over the years the neck has snapped and been glued back on and so it can be a bit unpredictable when tuned.

I love the sound and if my fingers were smaller, I might use it more often!!

PEAVEY Rockingham

About as sexy as they come!!

Obtained at a bargain price and bought for me for Christmas a few years ago.

It's tone belies the inadequacies of its player.

A dream to play and as pretty as a picture!!

Original pick ups were replaced and improved somewhere along the line!!

OVATION Electric Legend

Bought in 1978 and the reason I didn't go to university (apart from being thick!!)

My dream at 18 was to own one of these and although it is a bit battered after 40 years of gigging, it is still beautiful!.

Nicesly matured - just like me!

ANTORIA 5 string banjo

Banjos (and their players) have had to take a lot of stick over the years.

But I enjoy the quirky tones of this instrument and recently it has started to gain a bit more street cred!

It's never going to beat guitar on the 'girl pulling' stakes, but it goes very nicely with a polo neck jumper!!

HEARTLAND Tenor Guitar

After watching Seth Lakeman and Martyn Joseph, my son and I set out on a mission to find a tenor guitar for less than £2000!!

Due to increased popularity, a few started to come onto the market.

I now have a 50% ownership of one!

This guitar is solid mahogany and we had a Fishman pick up installed - it's beautiful and I wish I could do it justice!

CRAFTER Ashland Classical

Used mostly on my sunday lunchtime gigs.

Designed for classical music, but the gentle tones from the nylon strings suit all styles of music.

In my search for an electro classical - this was the nicest to play, and the cheapest to brainer!!

MUSIMA Banjolele

Kindly donated by a member Lincoln Witham U3A in 2014, previously owned by his late son.

One of my proudest posesssions.

I believe these are German and were made in the mid 70's.

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