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Instrumental Guitar

This act is ideally suited to restaurants, hotels, weddings, functions and corporate events where the music needs to be subliminal or romantic.

Playing a mix of classical & standards, I provide a relaxing ambience which aswell as being an 'interesting feature' also helps to enhance the occasion.

I perform for the diners every sunday lunchtime at Weston Hall Hotel in Bulkington... previous bookings include Coombe Abbey, Rugby Festival of Culture, 'Godiva Awakes' V.I.P. reception, Heart of England in Bloom numerous weddings, restaurants and hotels.

Talks / After Dinner Speaking

My singer/songwriter set is the act which I use on my U3A, Rotary, WI, Probus and 'After Dinner Speaker' bookings.

This bunch of songs includes quite a lot of my comedy material and is designed for a 'theatre' audience.

I bring along a 'car full' of different instruments including guitars, banjo, ukulele and mandolin - and try to use them all at some point in the act.

Find out more about the 4 'Musical Talks' on offer

Guitar and Voice

Ideal act for venues which want entertainment - but nothing too modern and nothing too noisy!!

Playing a selection of instruments I perform songs written by luminaries like The Beatles, Don Mclean, Bob Dylan, Simon & Garfunkel etc etc........

I'm of the opinion that few things look more ridiculous than middle aged men singing songs written by artists just out of short trousers ....and so If you want songs by The Killers and Arctic Monkeys - as good as they are - I'm not your act !

Having said that - I play what I consider some of the most beautiful acoustic songs written and there's also plenty of opportunity to sing along - and throw money at me if the urge grabs you.....

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